About Us

With a 20-year track record in global sourcing and an established network of agents in both Europe and Asia, we source (and find!) the right factory to produce ANY type of product in the most efficient manner, at the most competitive cost.

We take care of the whole procurement process from initial sample production to the finished product’s final delivery.

Anyone with first-hand experience of dealing with Asian companies probably knows the typical headaches and pitfalls:

At the very beginning, the workflow seems easy: "yes" is the ever-present word in Asia. Yes we can produce your item. Yes we can produce it for the price you want. Yes we can control quality and maintain the high standards you require. Yes we can respect the lead times. Yes, yes and yes!

Unfortunately, once committed, all the promises of smooth sailing soon translate into problems that can spiral into a nightmare for the Western businessperson. Disputes over breaches of agreement regarding quality, prices and lead times often become a reality. Communication is also a common problem prompting Westerners to ponder why contacting an Asian company seemed like a cost-effective, simple route in the first place.

We are well aware of all these issues because we have encountered them first hand! It has taken us 15 years (and numerous headaches) to locate the Asian factories that are leaders in their specific sectors, which reliably produce to European standards and with business ethics aligned to our own. The tried and tested partners in our network provide outstanding quality products at competitive prices.

European factories often pose a different set of challenges: production costs in Europe are high, which can make the final product less competitive than one would wish. We have invested considerable time, effort and expense in identifying - then building working relationships with - the European factories that offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Our raison d'etre is to free our clients from the tedious and often problematic task of product sourcing by providing them with a comprehensive procurement service, which adds value to their bottom line and gives them a reliable competitive advantage.

Every single order that is produced in Asia is QC-inspected, prior to shipment, by an independent agency following the ANSI / ASQZ1.4 standard. We provide our clients with the results of these inspections, for their own peace of mind.

Our creed is rooted in solving problems with attention to detail and building fruitful, lasting relationships in every stage of our business model. We take our due diligence so seriously that we insist on auditing every one of our Asian business partners’ factories to maintain standards and adherence to our ethical code. We don’t make promises – we simply deliver on them.